Why Attending An Online Career Fair Is A No-Brainer For Employers And Jobseekers

Why Attending An Online Career Fair Is A No-Brainer For Employers And Jobseekers

Author: Agile Careers


In 2016, you would be hard-pressed to walk into a local coffee shop or library and not find every person within the confines of the space in possession of a smartphone, laptop, or tablet (and in some cases, all three). As mobile devices become increasingly commonplace, growing numbers of professionals are turning online for everything from research to record-keeping, to seeking out new career opportunities.


One of the fastest growing segments of the online recruiting world are Virtual Career Fairs. Much like an Onsite Career Fair, these events attract exhibiting employers and jobseekers in an environment where they can connect and engage in conversations, although in an online event this all occurs without the need for travel.


The absence of travel costs is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the many reasons why Online Career Fair’s have gained such immense popularity in the past several years. Along with the ease of use of online platforms, there is an incredible efficiency in recruiting at a Virtual Fair that just can’t be duplicated elsewhere.


Jobseekers are provided the opportunity to have “face-to-face”, one-on-one text based chats with recruiters from the exhibiting companies of their choosing. They can wait in multiple lines at once, and they can potentially speak with 10 or more recruiters in the course of three short hours. This type of high quality interaction can not be duplicated in any other forum to date.


Recruiters are provided the same benefits. They have the ability to ‘interview’ highly qualified candidates in their niche without having to leave their desks.  They can pre-qualify candidates in their virtual line, view resumes while chatting with jobseekers, hold multiple one-on-one chats simultaneously, conduct follow-ups both during and after the event, and rate and take personal notes of each candidate they speak with. They have access to a history page where all of their conversations, ratings, and notes are saved, and in the course of three hours can have several dozen first touch interviews!

AgileCareers is hosting a Virtual Career Fair  on November 3, 2016 from 12 – 3pm EDT. Job-seekers register for FREE, whether or not they are Scrum Alliance members and will be able to connect with hiring organizations in a live, one on one online chat setting. 

 More information about AgileCareer can be found at https://www.agilecareers.com/including information for employers who would like to participate.

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