The Value of Onboarding Programs – Weekly Update

The Value of Onboarding Programs – Weekly Update

Ken Meyer, SHRM-SCP, SPHR | Principal, KWM HR Consulting LLC

Onboarding programs are the cornerstone of a thriving organizational culture and an optimal new-employee experience. As President of New York City SHRM, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of well-designed onboarding processes. These programs are not merely administrative in nature but are strategic investments in employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Effective onboarding goes beyond paperwork; it’s about instilling company values, clarifying expectations, and foster connections from Day 1. By providing new hires with the necessary tools, resources, and support, organizations set the stage for success and accelerate their integration into the team.

Moreover, onboarding programs play a pivotal role in shaping the employee experience, influencing job satisfaction, and earning a long-term commitment. When done right, they lay a solid foundation for career growth, driving performance and innovation across the board.

In today’s competitive landscape, where talent is a paramount asset, investing in comprehensive onboarding initiatives isn’t just advantageous; it’s essential for organizational vitality and sustained success. Let’s prioritize onboarding excellence and cultivate a culture of belonging, purpose, and performance.

Be well.


President, New York City SHRM

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