The Secret to Controlling Health Care Costs for Employers

The Secret to Controlling Health Care Costs for Employers

Author: Julie Bank

We all know that U.S. health care is broken. Prices keep rising, placing more of a burden on employers and employees. Due to increased employee participation in health care, take-home pay is actually declining. To make matters worse, while the U.S. spends 2.5x more per capita than other developed countries, we’re not receiving the best care.

Key to rising health care costs is how we pay our providers. There’s the fee-for-service approach, which encourages providers to schedule more visits and perform more procedures. Then there’s the capitation model, where providers receive a lump sum per member. This may be economically efficient, but requires quality metrics to determine that people are getting the care they need, since it may incentivize providers to give less care. The consolidation of hospitals and providers into larger health systems has also increased costs in many communities, due to reduced competition.

But there are new ways to lower costs in the current health system landscape. Attend this webinar sponsored by SHRM NYC, “The Secret to Controlling Health Care Costs for Employers,” to learn how to use the current health system landscape to reduce costs. We’ll discuss novel ways to improve cost, quality, member satisfaction and even population health.

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Julie Bank is Senior Vice President, Human Resources who believes that Create® is a revolutionary self-funded alternative to traditional health plans. Learn how Createis protecting the future of health care with an approach where everyone wins at

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