The NYC SHRM Mentoring Program

The NYC SHRM Mentoring Program

Andrea Goldman

Many members are not aware of the NYC SHRM Mentoring Program. It is a unique program that runs from March to December and pairs junior HR professionals with senior HR professionals to help them explore their career path in Human Resources. It is a highly customized program that assists in discovering the unique talents of the mentee and shapes their future goals and aspirations. In addition, through reverse mentoring, mentors learn from their mentees along the way to create a mutually beneficial relationship. It requires a high degree of dedication and commitment to the process.

The Mission reflects how important the Mentoring Program is. It states:

The Mentoring Program is a fundamental expression of NYC SHRM’s overall commitment to each member’s personal growth and professional development in the Human Resources community.  The Mentoring Program provides the opportunity to apply real-life wisdom, and the benefit of each participant’s experience and perspective, to workplace situations and career development.  NYC SHRM believes that all members have something to offer each other. 

So, what makes the NYC SHRM program different than the other programs that are offered at companies? We select the best of the best.  There is a comprehensive application process including several screenings for both mentees and mentors. The time to apply is from October 15, 2020 to December 15, 2020.

We seek Diversity in order to learn and grow from one another. We are comprised of HR professionals as mentees and mentors from different levels, positions, functions, industries, and company locations. Some people work at local companies, some at national, and some at global organizations.

And, most importantly, we don’t work for the same employer!  This sets the tone for neutrality, transparency and trust. You can discuss issues you are having at work without fear that it may get back to your boss or others at you company!

Here is what a former mentee had to say:

The NYC SHRM mentoring program gave me invaluable support at a crucial time when I needed to talk to someone about the future of Human Resources. When I was matched with my mentor, she was very easy to talk to and shared a great deal of HR insights, stories and best practices intel on financials, employment law and mergers & acquisitions. Not only did she help shape my intel on business acumen, she was my sounding board when challenging workflows of ideas came my way. Today, we remain close colleagues and partners-in-HR.  — MS 

October 15th will be here soon. We encourage you to think about applying for the Mentoring Program as both a Mentee and a Mentor. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ariel Boverman, Chair, or Andrea Goldman, Co-Chair.

Thank You to Our Chapter Partners