Taking advantage of the health system model to improve care, lower costs

Taking advantage of the health system model to improve care, lower costs

Author: Gregg Lambert

All over the country, hospitals have been merging into larger “health systems” in an attempt to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Today, more than half of the 5,700 hospitals in the U.S. belong to a health system, along with 67% of doctors, who are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain private practices in light of the high costs pertaining to billing and compliance with new regulations.

For patients, a major benefit of the health system model is coordination of care. Since providers in the same health system share electronic medical records (EMRs), they have access to the patient’s medical history, lab results, prescriptions, and so on – which enhances communication between doctors and enables more informed decisions.

Health systems are keen to keep patients – and their health care dollars – inside the health system’s network, rather than having them spread among multiple health systems, which is the case today with traditional open access health plans. At the same time, employers, plan sponsors, and their employees are looking for more affordable, high-quality health plans.

The health system concept converges the needs of patients, families and doctors. It delivers better relationships and coordinated care at affordable costs for everyone.

Create® is a new concept that addresses this demand. Health systems compete on quality and price to win members and keep them in their system for their care. This innovative solution lowers costs for both employers (or other plan sponsors) and employees, and aims to improve health outcomes through improved doctor-patient relationships and coordination of care.


Finally the needs of all stakeholders converge by “creating” a solution. Learn more at createhealthplans.com.



Gregg Lambert is SVP Business Development of Brighton Health Plan Solutions (BHPS), an innovative healthcare enablement company with several industry-leading products. Its innovative Create® health plan establishes a health care marketplace that introduces competition between health systems, to finally deliver better health care at lower cost in the New York tri-state area

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