Message about Israel – Weekly Update

Message about Israel – Weekly Update

Ken Meyer, SHRM-SCP, SPHR | Principal, KWM HR Consulting LLC

My dear colleagues,

It is with a heavy heart and a somber spirit that I address you today, reflecting on the recent events unfolding in the Middle East. Like many of you, I watched in horror and sadness as Hamas terrorists carried out coordinated attacks on Israel. New York City SHRM stands united in expressing our profound sorrow and concern for the human suffering and loss of life experienced in this ongoing conflict.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent civilians caught in the midst of this tragedy, with families torn apart, and with communities devastated by terrorist inspired violence and unrest. As HR professionals, we understand the importance of fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment, both within our workplaces and across the world.

In times like these, I believe we must advocate for peace, dialogue, and understanding, as they are the cornerstones of a just and compassionate society. It is vital that we support initiatives and organizations working tirelessly toward peaceful resolutions and that we remain committed to promoting understanding and empathy in our own communities.

Let us stand together, as a community, to foster compassion, spread awareness, and contribute to the greater good, hoping for a future where conflict is replaced by understanding and where peace prevails.

Today, we profoundly mourn the people of Israel and the families and friends of those killed there. We hope that the families and friends of those lost may find some comfort in their memories.

In solidarity,


President, New York City SHRM

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