Mentors and the Impact of Mentorship

Mentors and the Impact of Mentorship

Author: Stuart M. Friedman

Did You Have a Mentor Who Had a Big Impact on Your Career Success? 

Pay It Forward! — New York City SHRM 2016 Mentoring Program in Need of Mentors

We have all had special people, mentors, in our lives, who had a strong and positive impact on our careers. Whether it was someone who would simply offer us words of encouragement at a difficult conjure, advised us on the next step in our career path, or guided us with their sage advice on how to handle a challenging work related issue, we have all had mentors.

Early in my professional life, I was extremely lucky to be introduced to someone who was at the pinnacle of hers, and at the end of our brief chat, she was gracious enough, to offer to meet with me to continue our discussion. She became an invaluable source of counsel and a sounding board for me for the next several years. She just wanted to give back, share her experience, and encourage someone who was still slogging up the ranks.  She was my first real mentor and whenever I met with her, I would walk away with that feeling, that yes I can tackle that challenge or take that next step in my career.

One of the things that this relationship instilled in me, was to always try to be available and of service to others as they were coming up the ranks…to pay it forward.

This time of year I often think of the people who had a measurable and positive impact on my life and specifically how fortunate I was for the invaluable mentor relationships I have had. Yes the holidays are upon us, but I also think of my mentors this time of year, because the sign up deadline is approaching for the upcoming years New York City SHRM Mentoring Program.

As is usually the case, this year we are receiving many more applications for people looking for mentors than we are currently going to be able to fill, which is why we need your participation and support!

The 2015 program year was our largest yet, with mentoring pairs of New York City SHRM members of all different HR disciplines and experience levels.

New York City SHRM Mentoring Program Mission

The Mentoring Program is a fundamental expression of New York City SHRM’s overall commitment to each member’s personal growth and professional development.

The professional relationship between a mentor and a mentee is a special one. While it is necessary to maintain an understanding of the needs of both parties, the priority in this relationship is to work towards establishing and attaining the mentee’s goals.

The Mentoring Program provides the opportunity to apply real-life wisdom, and the benefit of each participant’s point-of-view, to workplace and personal situations. Regardless of age or career tenure, HR/NY believes that all members have something to offer each other.

We rely upon both the mentee and the mentor to develop and nurture their relationship; however, the program is designed to provide the opportunity for the mentee to practice initiative and to play an active role in the partnership.

These special mentoring relationships allow members to gain satisfaction in knowing that each has made a contribution to strengthen the Human Resource community of New York City SHRM professionals.

New York City SHRM’s mentoring program is serious business, for both mentors and mentees. And while the mentees are typically members of Gen X or Gen Y, anyone can be a mentor or a mentee.  To be a Mentor only requires a minimum commitment of a few hours of time and meeting one on one with your mentee each month. The New York City SHRM Mentoring Committee offers you support, guidance and even coaching throughout the entire program year.

To continue to make the Mentoring Program work successfully, we need your support, please pay it forward by mentoring a fellow New York City SHR member.  The New York City SHRM Mentor sign-up/application deadline is fast approaching for the 2016 program (it’s December 15th) that will be starting in January.

If you remember that special person or two who mentored you and had a lasting impact on your professional life, please consider paying it forward by signing-up to become a New York City SHRM Mentor.

Thank you.

For more information on the New York City SHRM Mentoring Program, please contact the New York City SHRM Office at 877- 625-HRNY (4769) or to fill out a Mentor Application.

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