Maximize Performance and Productivity in Your Organization

Maximize Performance and Productivity in Your Organization

Author: Jackie McMann-Oliveri

Strategic Management Series Overview

How Can HR Maximize Performance and Productivity Within Your Organization presented by Dan Margolis, PHR, Senior HR Partner Regional Consultant with the Willis Group

If you ever doubted HR’s role in the workplace, the presentation by Daniel Margolis for HR/NY solidified my doubt (well, I didn’t really doubt) and I am sure shed some light on the importance of our expertise.

How HR can maximize performance and productivity within your organization was on-point.  In order to create a successful a strategic HR Department, follow these simple rules:

*  Understand it’s a process
*  Know the business
*  Partner with line managers
*  Create HR programs based on business goals
*  Prioritize HR initiatives
*  Use metrics to tell the story
*  Remain flexible and innovative

If you are anything like me, you need engagement to absorb and retain information and that is exactly what Dan mentioned.  So, I sat up front, tweeted along and raised my hand to ask a question and share a story.

The programs discussed are the things most of us work on every day and definitely those needed to secure our place in the productivity of our organizations.

*  Total Rewards Strategy
*  High Performance Culture
*  Learning and Development
*  Workforce Planning
*  Reward and Recognition

A few of my takeaways are:

*  Beware of time spent on compliance that can take you away from strategic planning.
*  HR vision must mesh with organizational vision.
*  Remain flexible and innovative!

One of my tweets was “when you go back to the office, remind your boss that HR is an investment, not a cost center”. @jackieoliveri @nycshrm #nycshrm

Thank you Dan and Willis and thank you to all who attended, follow and play an important part of HR/NY’s success.

Jackie McMann-Oliveri is Director of Human Resources at The Meatball Shop and a member of HR/NY’s Social Media Team.

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