Keeping Your Temporary Workers Happy and Engaged

Keeping Your Temporary Workers Happy and Engaged

Katie Evans-Reber
Worker Happiness

Working with temporary workers may be a great advantage to your business — from helping out with a variety of tasks during seasonal spikes, to promoting your business through word-of-mouth if they enjoyed working with your company. Temporary workers may even consider applying for your full-time roles, reducing the time and effort your HR team may spend on finding the right candidate. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that temporary workers are treated well and enjoy working at your company. 

Why You Should Think About Temporary Workers’ Happiness

You may be thinking that temporary workers are not as important as full-time employees because they’re only at your company for a short period of time. There are many reasons why temporary worker’s happiness is important, and you should consider it as you think about your company culture and practices.

Temporary Workers May Return in the Future

Temporary workers may return to your company for future jobs. It’s a great idea to have a list of temporary workers that you have worked with and wish to engage with again. A great way to foster that working relationship is to help temporary workers feel respected at their jobs, so they wish to come back again. 

Temporary Workers Share Their Experiences

Temporary workers can help promote your company through word-of-mouth. If they had a positive experience working at your company they will likely tell their friends about it. Referrals from the temporary workers can generate great leads for your HR teams as they look for workers to fill new jobs. If workers had a negative experience, they may tell others not to pursue any jobs at your company, harming your hiring pipeline.

Temporary Workers May Apply for Full-time Roles 

Temporary workers get a feel for how your business runs and what it would be like to work there. If they enjoy the work and the work environment, they may decide to apply for an open full-time job at your company. This could help reduce the costly and time-consuming hiring burden from your HR team as you already know what to expect from the workers through your previous engagements. 

Ways to Foster a Positive Experience for Temporary Worker 

There are many ways to build a work culture and environment that foster positive experiences. But if you’ve only been thinking about employees when you think about your company culture, it’s time to broaden your scope. 

Show Your Appreciation

You can show your appreciation for your temporary workers in a variety of ways. You can verbally tell them when they are doing a good job, or you could write them a note. You could also award bonuses for workers who go above and beyond, or who meet certain standards that you’ve set forth. People can tell when they are appreciated and their work is needed, so it is important to express that through your words and actions. 

Foster an Environment of Respect

This may seem cliché, but it’s essential to foster a respectful environment for all your workers at your company. Some ways to do this include showing respect for their time by sticking to the schedule and communicating with the workers in advance of any unexpected changes. You can show respect for their ideas and contributions by showing appreciation and creating a healthy feedback loop. 

How Wonolo Can Help

Wonolo is a new kind of temporary staffing solution. Wonolo helps businesses connect with available workers who are motivated and ready to work in the area. Workers trust Wonolo to connect them with great opportunities. Using a platform like Wonolo is a great way to help your HR and Operations teams save time and money, plus find the help they are looking for.

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Katie Evans-Reber - Forbes Councils

Katie Evans-Reber, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, joined Wonolo as the Head of People in 2018. She was previously the Head of HR at Gusto, where she helped grow the team significantly. She also spearheaded launching California’s first LGBT-friendly fertility benefit.

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