Kelly Merbler

International Leadership Coach & Founding Principal, The Kelly Merbler Company, LLC

Kelly Merbler is one of the foremost leadership consultants in the human resources industry having been featured as a contributing writer for Inc. Magazine, traveled with Dr. John C. Maxwell to share his leadership teachings with foreign governments and was profiled in the book Living a Life of Tin Can Moments. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and member of The John Maxwell Team. Kelly has served as president of The Florida Staffing Association for the last four years.

She discovered her passion in life several years ago while attending a leadership conference where her soon-to-be mentor, Dr. John C. Maxwell, was the keynote speaker. It was there she came became keenly aware of her interest and passion in helping other leaders discover their purpose in life.
Kelly spent twenty-one years as a regional executive with a global staffing organization where she was responsible for leading, hiring, developing and building successful sales and operations teams. She knows that the secret of success is hiring good talent which begins with identifying what people do best and aligning them in the right role for maximum impact.
Kelly Merbler is the founding Principal of The Kelly Merbler Company, LLC which is a leadership consulting firm based in South Florida specializing in Strengths-Based employee engagement and retention programs, culture building, keynote speaking, executive coaching and leadership development programs.