Katherin Nukk-Freeman

Co-Founder / President and Chief Culture Officer, SHIFT HR Compliance Training

Katherin is the Co-Founder and President of SHIFT HR Compliance Training and a passionate advocate for building better workplaces. As a dynamic employment law advisor, training instructor and industry thought leader, Katherin partners with clients to develop and implement strategies to manage risk, comply with the law, increase productivity and create an overall better workplace. She is a highly sought-after speaker and considered the industry leader on the subject of addressing “”Unconscious Bias”” in the workplace.
As a practicing employment law attorney for the past twenty-four years, Katherin has grown her highly successful Employment Law firm, Nukk­ Freeman & Cerra, P.C., by focusing her practice on working with clients to proactively address and effectively manage workplace issues including harassment and discrimination complaints and unconscious bias awareness. Katherin strives to avoid costly litigation and create more inclusive teams through high quality training that helps employees be more mindful of their actions and decisions in the workplace. Since October 2018, Katherin has also served on the Board of Directors for ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNOB).
In 2014, leveraging her years of experience as a trusted advisor to corporate leaders and organizations, Katherin co-founded SHIFT to provide innovative, engaging and impactful online training services for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. SHIFT HR Compliance Training delivers compliance training to human resource departments, executives,
management teams and employees nationwide. Katherin works with human resources management professionals providing guidance and instruction enabling them to better manage and proactively address their training programs and many other employment law issues thereby avoiding costly litigation for their companies. As a champion for forward-looking employment law applications, Katherin is a frequent presenter on employment law issues and has authored countless articles on current employment law “hot topics”.