Foster Continuous Engagement (#2 Agile HR Themes)

Foster Continuous Engagement (#2 Agile HR Themes)

Author: Fabiola Eyholzer

Passionate and dedicated people are highly engaged; and engagement has never been more imperative to business success than in the knowledge economy that marks the digital age. Lean | Agile Enterprises understand the power of inspiring people and the abilities of collaborative empowered teams. They set the stage for their employees to thrive and continuously invest in the market value of their people.


Tapping into the intrinsic motivation of people and keeping them deeply engaged has never been more imperative. Yet the vast majority of employees worldwide are dissatisfied, disillusioned, and disengaged.

Agile Enterprises understand the power of bringing intrinsically motivated people together to form collaborative empowered teams; and sets the stage for them to thrive. Unsurprisingly, Agile teams are more passionate and involved. And it is simple: engagement – even though often dismissed as idealistic HR notion – translates directly into better business performance and success and it encourages retention.

Having said that, the best way to lower (involuntary) turnover is to actually invest in people. The concept of improving the market value of employees and making them more attractive for competitors may seem counterintuitive. But actively developing people takes away their need to switch jobs in order to improve and advance.

Agile practices allow people to evolve through challenging work, powerful collaboration, constant reflections, continuous feedback, and relentless improvement – all deeply embedded into the workflow. In other words, Agile does not distinguish between learning and working: Working equals learning; and knowledge workers are learning workers.

Hence, the goal of Agile Enterprises is not to retain talents, but to engage them and let them grow and thrive. By doing so, they develop a flourishing talent pool.


This article is part of the series “Aligning key Themes in Human Resources to Lean | Agile Values & Principles

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