Doubling Your Productivity Through Neurobiology

Doubling Your Productivity Through Neurobiology

Author: Janet Hoffmann

In February, the Women’s Initiative SIG produced a program on “Doubling Your Productivity Through Neurobiology”.  We were honored to have Maren Perry share her insights on neurobiology and how the brain really works when we are operating in certain ways.  We learned how to use this knowledge to make our work more effective and take less time.

Attached are Maren Perry’s Top Ten Neurobiology Time Management Tips.  You may also be interested in some of her blog posts on the same/similar topics.

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Top Ten Time Management Tips

Maren Perry is the Founder and Principal of Arden Coaching, a nationwide coaching firm that works with leaders to accelerate their results through a focus on honing their interpersonal and communication skills.  An expert in leadership and what it takes to produce championship results, she partners with high performers to propel them to charismatic leaders. For more information about Maren please visit:

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