Diversity is The Ingredient and Inclusion is The Recipe

Diversity is The Ingredient and Inclusion is The Recipe

Author: Anthony Paradiso

As the Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair for the Garden State Council (GSC-SHRM), I was immediately drawn to this quote on social media,  “Diversity is the ingredient and inclusion is the recipe.” I joined the council in December 2016 and really enjoy being a part of such an amazing team including my co-chair, Judy Elliott-Pugh.   As a member of the LGBT community, I am particularly drawn to the topic of diversity and inclusion. Although an extremely important topic, it can be quite challenging to address and implement. This should not prevent us from presenting the concepts and premises of diversity and inclusion with co-workers, colleagues and business associates. In order for us to get over the hump, we must understand that we all are a part of the discussion regardless of who we are as individuals.

It is essential to understand that diversity and inclusion are correlated with one another.  Without diversity, there is no inclusion and vice versa.  All of us must listen to one another and always respect our differences.  Regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation, etc. all of us need to have a seat at the table to discuss important topics and concerns. If everyone is included, it is easier to reach the goals we set forth.

Please check this link out as it tells you the story about how HR professionals can recognize the beauty of inclusion: SHRM’s HR Storytellers:  Steve Browne video.  In addition, the following video became a national social media hit, Lieutenant  General  Jay Silveria. Lt. Silveria is a leader in the Air Force Academy, who gave an extremely powerful and moving speech about race and the importance of inclusion.

Inclusion is as important as diversity.  In order for us to make the recipe, we need the ingredients!

This blog was contributed by Anthony Paradiso who is a Senior Account Executive at Industrial U.I. Services. More information about Industrial U.I. Services can be found at www.industrialui.com.

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