Curiosity: it’s the magic behind an exceptional #hiring effort

Curiosity: it’s the magic behind an exceptional #hiring effort

Laura Mazzullo

People are often asking me how they can hire better. They want to improve their employer brand, their candidate experience and their quality of hires. They are eager to learn! The curious have a much easier time of hiring. However, a few hiring managers don’t realize that hiring is a skill. Like any skill, hiring requires coaching, training, practice and…curiosity. Think about it: if you are learning a new sport or trying to get to the next level of play. You need a coach, some training time, need to practice and have to ask questions. You must be willing to notice your blind spots and learn how to fix them. You have to stay curious.

So, if you’re hiring, are you asking questions? Do you have intrinsic care about the process? Do you want to hire improve?  

Your Recruitment Partners are there to coach you. Coaches are there to help you brainstorm, problem-solve and improve. But, you are the player. You are the one who has to be self-aware enough to notice your blind spots, admit where you need help and ask the questions! A coach cannot lead the player to success without the player’s participation. Even top-tier athletes need coaches. So, if you work in HR, you can’t use the excuse “I’m in HR and know how to hire.” Even Recruiters need coaching to improve. Everyone can improve their hiring skills.

This leads us back to curiosity.

Without curiosity, we demonstrate we have no desire to improve. We have to ask the questions, and seek the answers! When I witness hiring managers who have zero questions for their recruitment partners, it’s a huge red flag for me. Are they engaged in the process? Are they humble and self-aware? Do they care about their employer brand? Do they want to improve? Do YOU? If so, here are some questions you can ask your recruitment partners

About the market:

What does the candidate pool look like in this space?

What are some challenges we may face in meeting our wish-list?

Are our expectations realistic?

Are we paying enough?

Are the title and responsibilities attractive to candidates?

Is this the right time of year to hire?

How long should we expect this search to take?

How many candidates should we expect to meet?

What are our competitors offering in terms of role, compensation, career opportunities?

How can we make this opportunity more attractive?

About the process:

Can you help us define our competencies?

Will you help us iron out our behavioral interview questions?

How can we ensure our hiring process aligns with our company values?

Can you help train us on overcoming bias so we can improve D&I efforts?

Will you give us candid feedback through the process from the candidate perspective?

Can you let me know how I can interview better?

How can I provide a better experience to candidates?

How can I ensure I’m asking the right questions?

How can I overcome my fear of making the wrong choice?

About the offer stage:

Can we discuss the ideal compensation package the candidate is looking for?

How can we make this more attractive to the candidate?

How should we best present the offer, and handle communication during the resignation and notice period?

These are a few examples, but the quantity and quality of questions you can ask are endless! Be the hiring manager who has lots of questions, demonstrates a desire to improve their employer brand, candidate experience and their development as an HR pro. Be an athlete who demonstrates humility, self-awareness and curiosity to improve. Staying curious will keep you sharp and help your hiring processes improve. Curiosity is the magic potion. Without it, you’ll struggle. With it, you’ll soar.

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