Care Continuum

Care Continuum

Mount Sinai Solutions

Employee Health Care: Taking a Continuum of Care Approach

Top-tier health care is one of the best ways to attract and keep talented employees,
but as the health care system grows more complex, it can be harder than ever to
provide a unified and seamless care experience. In fact, McKinsey recently reported
that 70% of employers work with three or more benefits vendors—often resulting in
fragmented care and greater complexity for HR teams.

A growing number of companies are investing in a smarter solution—a seamless
continuum of care. When providers and specialists work together as a single,
coordinated team, the result is an improved patient experience and streamlined
management processes for both internal and external stakeholders.

This approach facilitates access and encourages communication among providers.
Not only does connected care provide a better experience, it also means that when
an employee needs to see a specialist or surgeon or obtain treatment for a chronic
condition, care remains within the same ecosystem—eliminating the need for
multiple vendors and disconnected services. Employers benefit, as well because an
integrated approach to care significantly reduces the administrative burden and
makes the procurement process more efficient and cost-effective.
NYC employers look to Mount Sinai Solutions to help install a continuum of care
solution and replace fragmented point solutions. The result is positive health
outcomes, simplified HR administration, and controlled costs. By investing in an
integrated approach, employers demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of
their employees, which is a key contributor to increased productivity, improved
morale, and a stronger foundation for business success.

When health care services are disjointed and fragmented, the quality of care can
suffer. Learn how integrated care from a single reliable source can improve access,
support employee wellbeing, simplify HR management tasks, and increase cost-

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