New York City SHRM encourages all of its members to be a regular contributor or guest blogger on the New York City SHRM blog.  As a blog contributor, you will be able to write and submit original posts to be published on the New York City SHRM website/blog.  New York City SHRM’s Social Media Committee via e-communications, LinkedIn and Twitter, will distribute your posts.  This is an opportunity to share your insights with other HR professionals (and earn HRCI credits**). Please review the guidelines below and complete the application. We will be in touch with you for next steps. Thank you for your interest.
All bloggers must complete a blogger application indicating their interest in being either a guest blogger or contributing blogger for New York City SHRM.
  • To be a regular contributor to the New York City SHRM blog, you must be a New York City SHRM member in good standing.
  • Guest bloggers do not require membership in our chapter but may submit blog posts a maximum of once per quarter.
  • All posts by the blogger (contributing or guest) reflect personal thoughts and opinions, which are not necessarily those of New York City SHRM.
  • All post should be kind, polite, respectful, and professional. Please do not submit inappropriate postings which include but are not limited to: Harassing, abusive, threatening, derogatory, unprofessional, or disrespectful to individuals and/or groups.
  • New York City SHRM reserves the right to remove any posted comment and/or discussion that is not appropriate for the topic discussed, does not follow our pre-approved guidelines or uses inappropriate language.
  • The New York City SHRM blog is not to be used for advertising or solicitation.
  • Bloggers may not utilize the discussion area as a promotion for personal, corporate or other blogs unrelated to New York City SHRM.
  • Posters who violate any of New York City SHRM’s established policies will be barred from the New York City SHRM group.
  • NO RESPONSIBILITY/NO LIABILITY — In no event does New York City SHRM assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any posting. You agree to waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies you may have against New York City SHRM with respect to these rules, including, but not limited to, member posting, posting restrictions, deletions, or moves, and member restrictions, removals, or blocks.
New York City SHRM wants to hear from its members so others may gain insight into your expertise.  What trends to do you see emerging?  How will this impact our field? What innovations can make our jobs easier, more exciting, etc.?  What literature have you been reading that has influenced you to make a change? The following must be included in your blog:
  1. Human Resources topic must provide value to readers as a stand-alone piece and not a promotion for your products and/or services; however, you may include your contact information at the end of the piece
  2. Include 3-5 useful takeaways for the reader so the article has relevance.
  3. Articles and supporting materials included in your submission must be cited; any hyperlinks included must be active and working
  4. Suggested topics include:
  • Global HR
  • HR Business Partner: The Real Definition of Today’s HR
  • Strategic HR
  • HR Tools Reviews (ATS, Talent Management Systems etc.)
  • Recruiting Strategy and Tools
  •  Social HR and Social Learning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training Strategy
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Branding the HR Department
  • Legal Components – recent changes and best practices
  • Workforce Planning
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Change Management
  • New Leader Acceleration
  • Book Reviews
New York City SHRM encourages the use of an author’s own style and voice when recapping a chapter, SIG or industry event.  However, the following must be included and addressed in your piece:
  1. Event title (including designation of Chapter, SIG, conference name, etc.), date, time and place
  2. Name, title, employer and a mini bio (1-2 sentences) of the presenter
  3. A summary of the event which includes the presenter’s objectives
  4. 3-5 takeaways from the session – practical applications.
  5. Are you able to apply this information in your current environment? Why or Why?
  6. Does this raise other questions or issues for the workplace or our industry?
  7. Your overall impressions and thoughts.
  8. If writing about an event, please include hyperlink and other information regarding the organization, presenter, etc.
  1. All regular contributing and guest bloggers must complete the blogger application.
  2. Once approved the contributing or guest blogger may submit a blog to either the VP of Communications or Chair of the Social Media Committee for review of content appropriateness, accuracy and adherence to guidelines.
  3. Submissions not meeting the stated guidelines will be returned to the author for additional editing prior to posting.
  4. Once approved the blog will be posted.
**You can earn HRCI recertification credits for writing a fact-based blog for the New York City SHRM blog. HRCI is now offering recertification credit for fact-based blog posts that cover subjects related to the HR field. This new blog-writing credit meets the requirements in the Research / Publishing recertification category for PHR, SPHR and GPHR. There is specific criteria that must be met when writing a guest post, so be sure to review the criteria at HRCI.  
  1. Write about what you know.  Use your own style and voice.
  2. Keep it brief usually 250 – 750 words.  Give the most amount of information with the least amount of words.
  3. When you pass along information be sure it is accurate.
  4. Make your headlines catch their eye.
  5. Make your posts easy to scan.  Break your content up into short paragraphs rather than long ones. Include subheadings and make sentences short and to the point.
  6. Use bullet points or lists.
  7. Treat your post like real writing: • Content should be well thought out with a beginning, middle and an end. • Check for spelling and grammar.
  8. Edit your post.  Always re-read your content and eliminate what you don’t need.
New York City SHRM Blogger Application

Thank You to Our Chapter Partners