6 Tips for Job Search in Times of Uncertainty

6 Tips for Job Search in Times of Uncertainty

Arlene Newman

How do we make the most of a challenging situation when many of us find ourselves working from home? How can you make your time most productive when seeking a new career move? Times of uncertainty can be scary, but with the right steps you can score your next career opportunity!

1. Schedule Your Day

Set a schedule as you would do in the office to determine time to begin work, time to take breaks, and time to stop working each day. This will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Also, create time for walks, runs, or exercise you enjoy that maintain social distancing.

2. Job Search

Your time at home is a great opportunity to prepare for your next job. When work goes back to pre-coronavirus days and the economy starts to thrive again, you will be ahead of the curve and prepared to find that new opportunity! There are many advantages to conducting your job search from home including managers not seeing you work on your resume or overhearing your conversations for networking, information meetings, or phone interviews.

3. Resume

Review and update your resume making it quantifiable and including a short profile. Look at job postings to create areas of expertise that align your skills with the requirements of the job. Once you’ve tailored your resume, have a friend or career coach review your resume and make recommendations.

4. LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile acts as a virtual resume for potential hiring managers. Does your professional profile show the image you are looking to project?  To improve your profile, include the “About” section to give the viewer insight into your passion and abilities. Also, include a few bullet points or short summary under each job to highlight your accomplishments. Lastly, ask professionals to endorse you or write recommendations and do the same for others.

5. Virtual Networking

Increase your LinkedIn connections and arrange networking phone calls or video meetings, such as on Skype or Zoom.  Consider: How you can help each other in these challenging times?  We are most valuable to others when we can help them.  Networking is all about giving.

6. Add Credentials & Improve Your Skills

Take online courses to enhance soft skills such as communication, persuasion and collaboration as well as hard skills such as business analysis, artificial intelligence, marketing, sales, etc. Courses can be found on LinkedIn or as part of Continuing & Professional Studies programs through online courses at colleges.  To boost your credentials, consider enrolling in a college online Certificate Program.

Use this time of uncertainty when working from home to jumpstart your job search campaign!

Arlene Newman, Career Strategist, is President and Founder of Career Bound Success, former President of NYC SHRM, current Board of Directors member and Professional Development Chair. Arlene and her company specialize in Career Advancement, Transition & Outplacement.

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