5 Ways Video Can Be Your HR Recruiting Star

5 Ways Video Can Be Your HR Recruiting Star

Terry Tateossian

Athlete recruiting is big—and sensational—business. Top high school athletes are escorted to gymnasiums, their names projected out over loudspeakers as music bombastically sweeps the stadium air. Mascots pop in and dance, famous resident athletes bless the scene, dinner and swag follow. 

The experience of onboarding is critical for snagging the best talent. Recruiters want to create the best experiences for candidates possible, and video can bring a critical edge to their recruiting strategies that can help attract the best talent.    

  1.  Show 360° company view

The benefits of featuring company culture in 3D motion are manifold. False expectations can be deflated as a more perceptible reality emerges through the medium. Companies can showcase their values with worker testaments and  interactions in real settings. Office spaces can be toured. Other details of the workplace—like tech, gear, equipment, labs, breakout rooms, views, gyms, and cafeterias—can be highlighted and promoted in a tangible way.  

  • Can change minds

According to LinkedIn, about 83 percent of talent say that a negative interview experience can change their perception of a company they once liked; about 87 percent say a positive interview experience can change their perception about a company they once doubted. Offering a well-made video to welcome and brief candidates can be the game-changing factor as some of the world’s top talent considers changing jobs.   

  •  Presents proper welcome

Like the movie theater, videos are multi-consumable. During job fairs, conferences, and expos, videos have a cumulative reach. They’re also successful welcoming devices. One study reports, hiring welcome videos “make a candidate 46% more likely to consider the job and 30% more likely to respond to a recruiter or apply.” 

  •  Create personalization

Videos don’t have to take a one-size fits all approach. Among other capabilities and styles, they can be tailored as individual or team-orientations, illustrate value systems and codes of ethics, showcase employee testimonials, explore company histories, give virtual office tours, and feature live or past company events. 

Videos can also be made with interactive capability where viewers can make choices on what content they want to view at what time; like bouncing around a book via different chapters. This is attractive because it gives the potential candidate more control over the content they consume from your company and builds brand trust. 

  •  Appear in high traffic 

While some candidates can be found and contacted directly, others can’t. By placing videos on high traffic platforms like YouTube, recruiters can grab candidates in the spaces they already frequent. Cisco reports video traffic will be 82 percent of all IP traffic (both business and consumer) by 2022, up from 75 percent in 2017. The AI employed on video sites to organize bespoke content and ads gives recruiting campaigns a further advantage that saves ad waste.

There are only so many ways recruiters can reach top talent, at home and abroad. In order to increase their chances, recruiters should consider baking hiring videos into their recruiting campaigns. Not only are they multi-consumable, highly shareable resources, they can be personalized and can change the minds of skeptical candidates that have the skills your company needs to scale ahead.


Terry Tateossian is the Founding Partner of Socialfix Media, a multi-award-winning video production and marketing agency focused on emerging technology and media working with companies in launching innovative products and gaining market share. She is also the founder of Amplified3, a complete marketing agency management suite for smart digital asset management, asset distribution, and team training. Tateossian is also an MIT Blockchain Technology and AI certified expert, thought leader, entrepreneur, podcast host and speaker. She’s a board member and advisor for several transformational start-ups and has earned multiple recognitions for innovations and leadership in technology, media, and marketing. Recent awards include recognition from Forbes Magazine as WPO 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies, NJBIZ Top 40 Under 40, Future 50 Fastest Growing companies in NJ/NY by SmartCEO Magazine, Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs.

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