5 great ways video is helping HR recruit and retain

5 great ways video is helping HR recruit and retain

Terry Tateossian

Recruiting and retaining talent is tough work, and existing strategies seem to get lost in either the barrage of attention-seeking media before hiring or the tug of KPIs that starts right after hiring. As a result, the Talent Economy states, “Outside of traditional hiring, companies need to consider more creative, unconventional approaches to ushering talent into the organization.” As for retention, turnover is a growing trend lately. 

Companies that don’t upgrade their recruiting and retaining strategies will lose out on the world’s most valuable resource—talent. Videos can help. Wonderfully versatile and incredibly “sticky,” they can have a decisive impact on recruiting and retaining campaigns. Both in onboarding and retaining, they can educate candidates, train and foster employee compliance. Here are some great ways video can upgrade recruiting and retaining, so recruiters can arm themselves better in the talent war.   

Increases engagement

Not solely because they own YouTube, Google loves videos—5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. By keywording your video meta tags, you escort candidates from their search to your videos. By including your company URLs in your channel name and video descriptions, you create a highly effective way to drive traffic directly to your website.     

Boosts emails

What would happen if you combine video and email? With the Direct Marketing Association reporting an ROI of $55 for every dollar spent in 2019, emails are an exponential way marketers gather conversions. Since 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers, according to HubSpot, it’s clear that adding videos in your email recruiting is a sticky way to capture attention while introducing your company and application process.

Engages larger talent pool

According to a CareerBuilder report, “CareerBuilder clients receive a 34 percent greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.” From the same report, job postings with video icons receive 12 percent more views than postings without video icons. Thus when you add videos to your well-crafted job postings, you engage and tap a larger talent pool that could have been rerouted to other job ads. 

Is perfectly shareable

Videos are perfect viral assets. Packed with visual, audible, and grammatical information, videos educate candidates about your company in a tight, shareable package. By creating value-driven videos and embedding them on your YouTube channel, website, emails, and job postings, you create multi-directional pathways that lead talent right to your brand. 

Reduces turnover

A Work Institute report states that companies lose out on 33% of an employees’ salaries after they depart. Since candidates have a better chance of picturing what work life is with pictorial media, videos can help bridge and inform any gaps in candidate understanding. They can educate prospective and existing employees about company values and goals, they can train employees to perform their jobs better, and they can foster compliance so talent doesn’t cross any hotwires and stays onboard.

The goal, of course, is to create an understanding that ensures realistic expectations yet highlights the remarkable capabilities, experiences, and people that candidates can gain should they be onboarded. And what better medium to give them a picture of your company than moving pictures? They’re highly bespoke media assets that can personify your brand and thrill along the way.  

Terry Tateossian is the Founding Partner of Socialfix Media, a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency focused on emerging technology and media working with companies in launching innovative products and gaining market share. She is also the founder of Amplified3, a complete marketing agency management suite for smart digital asset management, asset distribution, and team training. Tateossian is also an MIT Blockchain Technology and AI certified expert, thought leader, entrepreneur, podcast host and speaker. She’s a board member and advisor for several transformational start-ups and has earned multiple recognitions for innovations and leadership in technology, media, and marketing. Recent awards include recognition from Forbes Magazine as WPO 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies, NJBIZ Top 40 Under 40, Future 50 Fastest Growing companies in NJ/NY by SmartCEO Magazine, Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs.

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