5 Benefits of Joining a Human Resource Management Professional Association

5 Benefits of Joining a Human Resource Management Professional Association

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A human resources (HR) association membership can have a number of benefits – both for students and for those who are already in the HR profession. Whether you’re beginning your journey as an HR professional or already have years of experience, an organization like The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) – New York chapter, can help bring attention to HR careers, provide education and support for HR professionals, and connect you with other professionals in HR, making them a great resource.

SHRM is the largest HR association in America – and has many local chapters, as well as student memberships, groups and events. By joining this professional association, you can be part of a local chapter – and also enjoy the benefits of joining the national association. Not sure if you’re ready to join? Learn more about the benefits of joining an HR association below! 

1. Professional Development

The SHRM and other HR associations offer quite a few opportunities for professional development, including:

  • Diversity training
  • Conferences, workshops and educational programs
  • Online resources and eLearning
  • Continuing education programs
  • Professional certifications

These resources can help you grow as an HR professional, and as a person. For example, the Connected Leadership event on January 17th 2020 from the Ney York SHRM is a good opportunity for new HR professionals to get a handle on the basics of becoming a leader who can create lasting relationships and attract a committed HR team.

2. HR Resources & Education

When you join an HR association like the SHRM, you’ll get access to knowledge and resources which can make you a better HR professional. These resources can include:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Online learning courses
  • Workshops

You can take a look at the SHRM website here to see an example of the HR resources that will be available to you. If you need help or have an HR-related question, you can easily search for knowledge and resources, or ask a fellow association member for advice. 

3. Unique Career Opportunities

One of the best reasons to join an HR association – both as a student and as a current HR professional – is because you can find unique career opportunities. If you are already in the industry, this is also a great chance to find people who can join your HR team.

Each chapter of an HR association like the SHRM has tools to help you find careers – or candidates for HR positions. Not only that, but you’ll be able to build real relationships with potential employers, as well as colleagues working in your field.

4. Relationship Building and Networking

Networking and relationship building are tied closely to career opportunities. When you join an HR association, you’ll be able to build a support system for your career, meet mentors and colleagues who can inspire you, make lifelong friends, and become more engaged with your local HR community. These relationships are important for new students who are breaking into the HR field, and for current HR professionals who may be looking to try something new.

Besides this, you may find that you have a lot in common with other members of your HR association, and build friendships and relationships that can add a lot to your life – both professionally and personally.

5. Build Your Leadership Skills

Finally – and perhaps most importantly –  joining an HR association lets you build up your leadership skills, which is critical at every point of your HR career. You can step up and take the lead when it comes to organizing events, planning projects, giving presentations and more.

You can build and develop your leadership skills in a safe space, and become more comfortable with leading a team and taking more responsibilities. This is a great benefit for new students and young professionals alike.

If you’ve been thinking about joining an HR association, but you’re not sure that it’s right for you, we would encourage you to take the time to explore the associations near you, such as the New York City SHRM, or other local HR associations. Anyone studying human resources management should consider HR associations to be a valuable personal and professional tool – so start exploring your options today, and learn more.

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