2016 Legal and Legislative Update

2016 Legal and Legislative Update

Author: Shelly Evans

The recent annual update hosted by NYC SHRM last month was just enough to get our minds going on the information to come at the HR Management Conference this Thursday, April 14th.

Here are a few take aways and issues to watch:

  • Reminder to employers about equal protection, any state prohibiting same sex marriage is violating the 14th amendment.
  • The Green vs. Brennan case addresses when the clock starts for constructive discharge. Is it at the time of resignation or the last incident that caused the resignation?  An important distinction for employers.
  • An interesting look at EEOC trends specifically the Mach Mining case. Does the EEOC act in good faith to resolve cases or is there a take it or leave it approach?
  • What impact will an increase in the exempt minimum salary have on employers?  Will the expected cost of overtime push employers to hire two people versus one?
  • At the state level, Governor Cuomo’s Women Equity Agenda is moving forward under gender equity laws.  The Governor is also pusing for paid family leave at 35% of salary.
  • At the city level how you communicate your sick leave policy matters.  Employees need to understand what they have available and when they are eligible.

How will you be managing all of the this going forward?

This post was contributed by Shelly Evans, Director of Talent Management/Human Resources at Capelli New York/Ballet Group Inc.

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